Simular to the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines complimentary gift of small ceramic replicas of historical houses, Holland America Line hands out ceramic Delft Blue tiles in various forms and shapes, as part of their Mariner Society Rewards Program.

Since there is no accurate administration, it was not exactly known how many different tiles have been produced on behalf of Holland America Line. For the last 60 years the majority of the ceramic tiles have been manufactured by Royal Goedenwaagen-Gouda in Nieuw-Buinen, The Netherlands. On a global basis a search has been initiated by collectors to make an inventory of all tile editions from Royal Goedewaagen-Gouda. That inventory has been completed. The number of issued HAL official tile editions is set at 336 pieces. All tiles can be found on this website. Estimated 80 tiles are issued by associated organizations.

My collection consists of 413 tiles and 8 tile tableaus. The items in this collection have been acquired through website and exhibition purchases, through auctions and gifts.

Update September 1, 2023:

In 1995, when the Holland America Line’s loyalty program was revitalized under the name of Mariner Society, the company started with the issuing of tiles. As of 1995, almost every year a series was issued. A change occurred in 2012. The issuing was spread over several years.

The series 2021/22/23 consists of 7 tiles; however, in relation to the sale of the Amsterdam, Rotterdam (VI), Maasdam and Veendam, only 4 tiles of the series are  issued on which the 11 ships of the company are shown.

On this page you will see the three tiles that were released in a very limited edition just before the outbreak of the pandemic. The tile of the Koningsdam/Nieuw Statendam has been replaced by a tile that also shows the Rotterdam (VII).

At this moment it is not known whether the Mariner Society will issue a new series in 2024. In case it happens, then the Goedewaagen-designs first need to be approved by a special committee. In the meantime, it became clear that they will not approve it without a struggle.

After receiving the first series 2021/22/23 test tiles just before the corona pandemic, I received the message from the Mariner Society that this series was rejected because the design was found “overdetailed”. You will find this series in the menu News.

Some special tiles from my collection can also be found on the website of Holland America Line:


Next update: December 1, 2023.