Simular to the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines complimentary gift of small ceramic replicas of historical houses, Holland America Line hands out ceramic Delft Blue tiles in various forms and shapes, as part of their Mariner Society Rewards Program.

Since there is no accurate administration, it was not exactly known how many different tiles have been produced on behalf of Holland America Line. For the last 60 years the majority of the ceramic tiles have been manufactured by Royal Goedenwaagen-Gouda in Nieuw-Buinen, The Netherlands. On a global basis a search has been initiated by collectors to make an inventory of all tile editions from Royal Goedewaagen-Gouda. That inventory has been completed. The number of issued HAL official tile editions is set at 325 pieces. All tiles can be found on this website. Estimated 75 tiles are issued by associated organizations.

My collection consists of 391 tiles and 8 tile tableaus. The items in this collection have been acquired through website and exhibition purchases, through auctions and gifts.

Update August 1:

This update is also dedicated to the Halve Maen and the logo that Holland America Line used until 2016. As can be seen on the photo, the Halve Maen is depicted against the background of the bow of the Nieuw Amsterdam. The three tiles are the only 3,5”x 3,5” tiles ever handed out by the company. The second tile is a smaller version of the tile from the 2009 Mariner Collection series, with a picture of the ss Obdam (3.983 brt. 1889-1898). These tiles are also a product of Royal Goedewaagen in Nieuw Buinen, The Netherlands.

As a result of Black Lives Matter, the arrival of the recreated VOC ship d’Halve Maen to Delfshaven in Rotterdam caused quite a stir. Protests by local residents have led to the orange, white and blue colors of the Prince flag with the symbol of the Amsterdam Chamber of the United East India Company being replaced by the red, white and blue of the Dutch flag. At the top of the rear mast, the so-called Prinsenvaartje (also orange-white-blue, the colors of the Prince of Orange as admiral general of the fleet) has been replaced by a green-white-green Rotterdam flag.

My latest acquisitions, including a rare round cloisonné tile from the Halve Maen, can be found in the menu News

Next update: October 1, 2020.